Dear readers, what’ll write below is not a topic that is related to what it describes my page but I am obliged to inform and hardly anyone knows about this and the company behind the product is not concerned in the welfare of others, only cares that your product is sold in order to earn more so you should indicate ways to use and only those who can use this product in their business with their side effects.

Sodium hypochlorite solution in water which is known as lye. It is a strong oxidizing chemical state (+ I) of formula NaClO.

Created chemically disinfect bathroom floors and other surfaces, it can also be used to whiten clothes, this is what most people know but what few people know is that bleach is a product that is in inside our body too.

Bleach as we know, is a product used by most mothers and housewives bright care, ceramic etc. items. The point here is that many of these people do not know how to properly administer the product, using it without the necessary measures and over time bringing serious consequences.

As this product is a strong corrosive chemical substance that can destroy or irreversibly damage another surface or substance with which it comes in contact. Which over time deforms product inputting your hands what we call arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism (problems ligament, cartilage, tendons and joints), as well as the respiratory tract.

No matter how old to suffer the initial stage of this disease begins with mild hand pains, sensitivity to touch this product to strong headaches.

Here I show you some pictures:




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